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Replacement Stickers/Plates
We can help you instantly to replace your license plate or sticker! What to do when these items are lost or stolen? You need to replace these items instantly. Going to the DMV may take all day. We value your time and can help you save time and money.  What happens if you are stopped by law enforcement and these items are not in your possession? It will be considered a fix it ticket. You must show proof of correction and pay a fine to the court.  Is it legal to drive with one plate only or do you need both plates? In California you need to have both license plates, one in the front of the vehicle and the second in the rear. If you are missing one, you must correct the issue. Here at Insurewest we are able to make sure you are in compliance, we have the DMV inventory ready to be issued to you. Don’t risk getting pulled over and paying extra in fines and fees!


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